Making sense of modern Chinese consumer culture.


Chinese modernisation is taking a different route to what we know in the West as modernisation. At the same time Chinese consumers are part of a global consumer culture. They are following and setting trends in fashion, technology, food and drinks. They are also facing, and solving the same global challenges as Western consumers. From gender inequality to climate change.


Looking closer, really close …. might reveal a consumer culture context where global trends play out in a different way or are similar with other underlying needs, values or motivations. Unawareness can result in far reaching consequences when there is no resonance with or even negative social backlash from Chinese consumer audiences. 



Projects, services and training

Research with Chinese consumers and not about them is at the core of Modern Chineseness. Modern Chineseness is doing various consumer culture research studies to help clients connect deeper to their Chinese consumer audience. 



Shedding light on contemporary Chinese consumer culture


A Shiba Inu cafe

A Shiba Inu cafe

A Shiba Inu cafe recently opened up in Beijing and is extremely popular with Chinese youth. A Shiba is a Japanese dog and in the cafe people can have a drink, chat with each other and of course play with the cute dogs. Apparently, it gets especially crowded in the...

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Setting the stage:  In Holland do they still pay with cash?

Setting the stage: In Holland do they still pay with cash?

What Chinese consumers want today, is much more connected to global changes in lifestyles and shaped by Chinese technology innovation than in the past. And brands in their localisation journey shouldn't forget that. Through my ethnographic consumer research studies in...

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Understanding contemporary and emerging Chinese consumer culture, to create brand narratives, content, concepts, designs, products and services which dynamically and strategically communicates with the Chinese consumer audience.



Clients and partners

For confidentiality reasons it is not possible to disclose all the names of the clients and partners.