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At Modern Chineseness we are experts on identifying what drives today’s and tomorrow’s Chinese consumer behavior. By immersing ourselves in the everyday lives of Chinese consumers we identify what’s happening next. We keep international brands, education and other organizations up-to-date and inform them on the reasons behind Chinese consumer behaviour to build relevant brand stories, localize offering and content-development or to develop courses on modern China.

Check out our interactive trendtalks and co-creation workshops to learn more. If you are interested in something else that is related to our expertise, we also offer custom-made trend talks or workshops. Feel free to contact us.



“After working with Marleen (owner Modern Chineseness) we had a much better understanding of Chinese parents. Marleen her ability to really connect to our Chinese audience gave us the feeling of having been really close to our Chinese target group. It has enriched marketing intelligence, branding, sales, marketing and product development professionals on their understanding of our Chinese consumer. What I also find valuable is the following discussions on how to localize our product, branding and product communication to the Chinese market. We have come to realize that we need to localize differently to get our message across.”

Tom Jan, Marketing Intelligence Specialist at Bugaboo




Co-creation workshops


into the life of your Chinese consumer audience

Get under the skin of Chinese consumers