Modern Chineseness

Obsessed with advocating and culturally interpreting the voice of Chinese consumer audiences beyond cultural stereotypes




Modern Chineseness 

Modern Chineseness was founded by Marleen Spijkman in 2015. The name emphasised the importance of understanding China’s modernisations from how Chinese consumers shape their own paths towards modernity.

With Modern Chineseness Marleen has worked with agencies and great brands like Bugaboo and Starbucks. Identifying how Western brands can connect deeply to Chinese consumer audiences in a way that is true to their global brand DNA. Emerging in various consumer lifestyles. From gender fluidity, healthy lifestyles to modern parenting.


The name Modern Chineseness didn’t feel quite right anymore. Hence the name BeiHem. It encapsulates equality between China and The West. Bei (pronounce ‘Bay’) is from the first syllable of the city Beijing in China and Hem is from the second syllable of the city Arnhem in The Netherlands.

BeiHem explores and rethinks the way Chinese and Western consumers are portrayed and puts forward new ways of looking at Chinese consumers in comparison with Western consumers. 

BeiHem is a new type of consultancy specialised in creating Chinese-Western cross-cultural relevance. Filling the gap between wanting to develop Chinese-Western cross-cultural relevant branding and activation and actually realising this.