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Messages from (social) media in China and The West about wearing a mask in the global spread of the Corona virus reflect different cultural perspectives. Cultural context plays a key role in whether people are willing to wear masks.

In China and many other East Asian countries many see wearing a mask as a collective responsibility to reduce transmission of the coronavirus. Memories of the Sars outbreak 17 years ago remain strong, wearing face masks when out has become the norm. During Sars, masks even became a symbol of solidarity against the disease.

“Wearing a mask is one of the most important and effective means to prevent the spread of the virus.” .. “We will defeat this virus with science, knowledge, faith and love. Please stay safe and stay strong everyone.” 

– excerpt from a Instagram message from Leaf Greener. As an editor, stylist and writer she is a highly sought after by international luxury brands.

In the West people are urged to stop buying masks. Because they belief it is not effective in preventing the general public from catching coronavirus and because health care providers who work at the frontline need them to take care for the sick patients. When the health care practitioners can’t wear masks this puts them and the communities at risk! Social media messages are shared with the #flattenthecurve to emphasize the importance to do everything you can to stop spreading the disease and consider the elderly and people who are more vulnerable because of already existing health risks.

 But whatever the opinions are, without judging them, both Western and Chinese people put helping the community first! If there were enough masks, maybe every person in the world would wear them. What do you think? 


Stay safe everyone 🙏🏽


Illustration by @lillustralulu (Instagram) posted by @leaf_greener (Instagram).