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A Shiba Inu cafe

A Shiba Inu cafe recently opened up in Beijing and is extremely popular with Chinese youth. A Shiba is a Japanese dog and in the cafe people can have a drink, chat with each other and of course play with the cute dogs. Apparently, it gets especially crowded in the weekends. I was there on a weekday (not inside though), looking into the store, with a Chinese GenZ (Generation Z) who was showing and telling me about new things happening now in Beijing. You can sign-up outside for a time-slot of 40 minutes.  The entrance fee will give you entry into the store, experience with the dog and a drink.

A Shiba Inu café is something new in China. Cat cafes have already been there for several years and originally started in Taiwan. These cafes are really attractive for young and busy people in China who can’t have a pet at home.


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1. Singles feel love during Chinese Valentine’s Day at dog cafe

China Daily

Singles can feel love and warmth and enjoy a relaxing time with cute dogs at a Shiba Inu café featuring the Japanese breed in Beijing during Qixi, or Chinese Valentine’s Day, on Wednesday. Single people in China often mock themselves as “single dogs” and feel lonely during Qixi. However, at the Shiba Inu café there are a lot of cute dogs who’d love to be petted and hugged, so it’s a wonderful place to spend the special day.

2. Beijing’s first Shiba Inu dog cafe is a crowd pleaser

South China Morning Post

Zhao Songxue adopted a Shiba Inu dog while studying in Japan and when she returned to China she opened the first Shiba Inu cafe in Beijing. Customers can order desserts and drinks while playing with Shiba dogs. After its opening in May 2019, the small establishment became a hit on social media and is now a popular spot in the capital.