Chinese consumer insights and trends services

Is your brand campaign, content, concept, design or service in tune with your Chinese consumer audience? What are unmet needs or new opportunities to stay relevant to your Chinese consumer audience?


Cultural relevance scan


Co-creation with Chinese consumers


Chinese consumer and trend research


Global consumer culture research



What are emerging Chinese consumer lifestyles? How do these connect or differentiate with Western consumers? Why are they important and what do you need to look out for when applying these into practice?






Chinese consumer immersion worskhops





Moving away from blatant generalisations. How to design future-proof brand narratives that connect to the rapidly developing modern cultural identity of Chinese millennial consumers?


The cultural branding experiment: comparing emerging lifestyles of Chinese consumers with their Western counterparts to identify future relevant resonance opportunities of brand narrative design in a global consumer culture context.




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Every service is from semi tailor-made to tailor made.

What is your question, already have an idea on how to work together, need an extra pair of critical eyes, or do you wonder how your value proposition or brand positioning will be like for your Chinese consumer audience? Contact me and let’s find out how we could work together.

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